Recorded Wednesday, May 27, 2020.

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Keynote Conversation with Dara Torres

WWC Conference Co-Founder Bridget Hoffer sat down with Dara Torres, mother, author, motivational speaker, CaniBrands Ambassador and 12- time Olympic Medalist, to discuss re-inventing yourself and how she incorporates CBD into her recovery and lifestyle.

SPEAKERS: Dara Torres and Bridget Hoffer

Trina Fraser, “Ask Me Anything”

Canada’s top cannabis lawyer, Trina Fraser of Brazeau Seller Law, sat down with Marigold PR’s Tracy Collier to answer the Womxn, Wellness and Cannabis Conference’s audience questions on Cannabis Regulations in Canada.

SPEAKERS: Trina Fraser, Brazeau Seller Law, (Moderator, Tracy Collier, Marigold PR)

Compliant Marketing in Canada

Hear from industry experts about marketing to womxn insights and how they apply to the cannabis landscape. Plus, branding beyond gender.

HOST: Katie Pringle, Marigold PR

SPEAKERS: Sarah Clowater, Loretta Eldridge, Adam Szpakowski, Grow Opportunity, Jennifer Mason, JLM Strategic Marketing

Womxn in Leadership

Get inspired by womxn in top leadership positions. Hear from founders and CEO’s from innovative cannabis companies.

HOST: Barinder Rasode, Grow Tech Labs 

SPEAKERS: Rosy Mondin, World Class Extractions, Alison Gordon, Marcie Kiziak, Nova Cannabis, Bridget Hoffer, Marigold PR, Lisa Harun, Vapium


Diversity and Inclusion

We’re creating a safe space to discuss, engage, and dig deep into the importance of diversity in the cannabis industry, plus explore personal responsibility for advancing diversity.

HOST: Natasha Raey

SPEAKERS: Erin Gratton, Nora Nathoo, Emerald Health, Ivy Zmuda, Tantalus Labs, Jess Jackson, LOUD.Social 

Cannabis Innovation & Sustainability

As sustainable and ethical business practices increasingly fuel consumer spending habits and investors’ decisions, significant competitive advantage is available to businesses that invest in sustainability and social impact efforts.  

HOST: Jo Vos

SPEAKERS: Kayla Mann, Habitat, Trish Lackey, SuperetteMary Dimou, Canopy Rivers

Building Global Brands

What does it take to build a global cannabis brand? Learn from these experts.

HOST: Deepak Anand, Materia

SPEAKERS: Maya Glogowski, Headquarters & Serve, Rosy Mondin, World Class Extractions, Bridget Hoffer, Marigold Marketing & PR, Ulla Haaning Singapuri, KannaSwiss 

State of the Business of Cannabis

Join industry leaders for a “State of the Business of Cannabis” Fireside Chat.

SPEAKERS: Barinder Rosade, Grow Tech Labs, Susan Chapelle Havn Life, and Jamie Shaw, Shelter Cannabis.

Topicals & Edibles

From go to market strategies, transitioning to the legal framework and product formulations, learn about these emerging markets from the experts.

HOST: Charlotte Bowyer, Hanway Associates

SPEAKERS: Tijen Yalchin and Ashley Short, EKS, S. Siobhan McCarthy, blyssful ALCHEMY, Jasmin Thomas, Ohana CBD, Jamie Pearson, Bhang 

Human Resources Workshop

Human Resources in the cannabis industry has an added layer of complexity. Connect with the experts to learn and ask your HR questions.

HOST: John Fowler, Blaise Ventures Inc.

SPEAKERS:  Sarah Seale, Seale & Garland Alison McMahon, Cannabis at Work

Cannabis & Media 

Media plays a special role in the cannabis industry. Here we discuss the landscape & opportunities.

HOST: Bridget Hoffer, Marigold Marketing & PR

Speakers: Gill Polard, The Her(B) Life, Mari-Len De Guzman, Grow Opportunity, Heather Schurr, CFN Media Group. Blaine Pearson, Business of Cannabis


Cultivation is at the centre of our industry. Learn from expert growers about breaking the grass ceiling and getting started in cultivation.

HOST: Kieley Beaudry, Parkland Flower

SPEAKERS: Jen Meyers, Ashley Athill, HRVSTR , Laura Curry Coney, Hemp Higher Project, Siobhan Darwish, Grow Sisters

Patient Insights & Reproductive Health

Data helps make informed choices. Learn from experts and understand the current patient journey and learn how we can improve upon it as an industry. Plus, from endometriosis, to ongoing menstrual health to menopause, we’ll talk about how cannabis can support reproductive health. 

HOST: Dr. Jenna Valleriani, Canopy Growth

SPEAKERS: Ashleigh Brown, SheCann, Dr. Shelley Turner, Ekosi HealthSaran-James Vaughan, Dr. Lakisha Jenkins 

Family Dynamics and Cannabis

There’s still a stigma around parenting and cannabis and mothers receive the most scrutiny. Explore family dynamics and cannabis with those who understand the challenges firsthand.

HOST: Katy Ibsen, Sweet Jane Magazine

Speakers: Annie-Claude Bertrand, Mothers Mary, Ruby Ratnasingham, SENSE, Tracy Ryan, Cannakids 

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