Together, with a team of industry experts we’re building an impactful conference and networking event. The WWC Conference team is grateful to our Speakers for sharing their experiences and expertise.

  #WWCConference Presented By:

Trina Fraser

Cannabis lawyer. CannaLaw® group leader at BSL. tfraser@BrazeauSeller.com.

Barinder Rasode

Founder NICHE Canada, SheTalks & @botaniqmag. Co-Founder @cannabiswise. Co-Founder & CEO @growtechlabs. Fraser Health Board of Directors. Elected City Council.

Dr. Jenna Valleriani

Director, Global Patient Advocacy at Canopy Growth Corporation

Kayla Mann

CA, CPA. CFO at Habitat, a company revolutionizing agriculture with an innovative approach to vertical growing and aquaponics. AdCann Marketer of the Year Nominee.

Tracy Ryan

Tracy Ryan is the Founder of SavingSophie.org, CannaKids & CKSoul, a California based medical cannabis brand. After her infant daughter Sophie’s brain tumor diagnosis in 2013, Tracy dedicated her life to helping patients who suffer from life altering ailments.   


Siobhan Darwish

Grow Sisters Media began with two silly sisters in their garden. The Sister’s legacy is rooted in cannabis cultivation as Second-generation farmers from the deep hills of Humboldt County. The Sisters began to film and share their cultivation knowledge and from this Grow Sisters Media was born.

Gill Polard

Gill Polard is a cannabis advocate and the creator of cannabis lifestyle website, podcast and publication The Her(B) Life. She manages social media strategies for Shelter and its subsidiaries and teaches Marketing under the Cannabis Act at Mount Royal University.

Dr. Shelley Turner

Dr. Shelley Turner, MD CCFP
Founder & Chief Medical Officer, Ekosi Health
Assistant Professor, Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Lakehead University, Assistant Professor, Department of Family Medicine, University of Manitoba

Nora Nathoo

Marketing Specialist at Emerald Heath and co-founder at Louder Together: Connecting People of Colour in the Cannabis Industry. Elevating POC in the Cannabis Space through creating networking opportunities, dialogue and leadership programs.

Sarah Clowater

Sarah currently works as the Events Coordinator with Sundial Cannabis, she has a passion for people and enjoys connecting attendees through authentic and multi-sensory experiences.

Ashley Athill

Ashley Athill, Co-founder & CEO of HRVSTR Cannabis, a licensed craft cultivation producer. Additionally, Ashley runs a cannabis consultancy practice focused on Caribbean agricultural. Ashley has a BBA from York University and a Horticulture Certification from Oaksterdam University.

Alison McMahon

Alison McMahon is the Founder & CEO of Cannabis At Work. Founded in 2015, Cannabis At Work is the leading source in Canada for cannabis jobs, recruitment services, online industry training, and HR consulting services. 

Bridget Hoffer

Bridget is the co-founder and President of Marigold PR. Bridget was previously the head of communications for CBC. As a media executive, Bridget lead Canada’s news, radio and television brand, marketing and communications

Saran James-Vaughan

Saran James- Vaughan is a Holistic Nutritionist and Women’s Wellness Coach. She integrates a variety of modalities including Holistic Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and strategies for personal alchemy.  Saran teaches individuals how to tap into their own innate ability to heal through debilitating illness to wellness.

Loretta Eldridge

Loretta is the Marketing Leader at EQUA Specialty Risk Partners Corporation. The former Director of Marketing at Ample Organics, Loretta bring extensive marketing experience from a decade-long career in book publishing. She specializes in storytelling, brand building, and results-driven marketing campaigns.  

Katie Pringle

Katie is the co-founder of Marigold PR and the CEO of Canndora. Katie has spent the last 16 years working on brands that target women including working with Oprah, national charities and cannabis brands. Katie has a passion for the positive impact cannabis has made for women’s health.

Heather Schurr

Heather is Director of Operations for CFN Media, the leading creative agency and media network dedicated to the global cannabinoid and psychedelics industries. She works with everyone from small startups to established leaders to help craft the most impactful messages to reach their target audiences. 

Jess Jackson

Jess Jackson, MBA, M.ED  is a multimedia designer and community architect. She is co-founder LOUD.Social.  LOUD.Social has partnered with over 100 organizations within cannabis. LOUD.Social has also launched a series of  community-focused campaigns including Curvy Cannabis: A body positive boudoir session promoting self-love and healing for women. 

S. Siobhan McCarthy

Award-winning film and web series producer, creator, writer, and director, S. Siobhan McCarthy, is the CEO and Executive Producer of blyssful PRODUCTIONS and red trike media inc. blyssful ALCHEMY is an educational DIY workshop series educating people about plant medicines and holistic modalities.

Erin Gratton

Erin Gratton, CHRL, is a medical cannabis patient, advocate, and a nationally accredited HR leader who specializes in employee learning and workplace rights-based education. 

Mari-Len De Guzman

Mari-Len De Guzman is the editor of Grow Opportunity, a national, business-to-business magazine for the Canadian cannabis industry, and two international aquaculture publications, all published by Annex Business Media.

Annie-Claude Bertrand

Mothers Mary is a social enterprise founded on three pillars; motherhood, mental health and conscious cannabis use. Co-founders, Jordana Zabitsky and Annie-Claude Bertrand bonded over feeling shame for their cannabis use and battles with postpartum depression. Their mission is to empower moms to be their authentic selves.

Adam Szpakowski

Adam Szpakowski is the Associate Publisher of Grow Opportunity. Owned by Annex Business Media, Canada’s largest B2B media company, Grow Opportunity provides practical and relevant content to help Canadian Licenced Producers manage their business and grow better.

Deepak Anand

Mr. Anand has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the global cannabis industry. He is regularly engaged with Canadian and International media on all subjects related to the Cannabis industry. Mr. Anand holds a MBA from Vancouver Island University. He brings 15 years of leadership experience in the health, charitable/non-profit, and private sectors in Canada.

Trish Lackey

Trish is the Director of Customer Experience at Superette, overseeing everything from delivery to education to partnerships to corporate culture – it’s an eclectic shopping cart of responsibilities!

Ruby Ratnasingham

Deeply rooted in education and social advocacy Ruby Ratnasingham, holds honorary designations as a Social Service Worker and Early Childhood Educator. Ruby has facilitated cultural sensitivity training for Toronto EMS, Toronto/York District School Boards and more. Her current work includes; Parenting Worker for the TDSB and Founder of SENSE, an all-natural skincare brand.

Jamie Shaw

Jamie Shaw is a former Director of the BC Compassion Club, was an expert witness in the Allard trial that won patients the right to grow and was instrumental in getting cities to license dispensaries prior to legalization, and is Director of Communications and Culture for Shelter Cannabis.

Susan Chapelle

Susan Chapelle is the Co-Ceo of HAVNLife, a biotechnology company supporting researchers with methods and quality-controlled compounds derived from plants and fungi to help develop innovative therapies to help improve human performance.

Tijen Yalchin and Ashley Short

Tijen Yalchin and Ashley Short are the Co-Founder Earth Kisses Sky Inc. An Ontario-based cannabis wellness brand. They are experts in developing plant based products. At EKS they have released two innovative non-infused topicals that are designed to be infused at home. Products are available online at their e-commerce platform, JustAddOil.ca

Marcie Kiziak

Marcie Kiziak is the President of NOVA Cannabis, an ALCANNA company. Marcie moved into this role after two years as the SVP, Human Resources for Alcanna and 15 previous years in the oil and gas and construction sectors focused on HR leadership, business optimization, M&A, and integration. She’s a strong supporter of post-secondary education and serves on program advisory committees for NAIT and Norquest College.

Sarah Seale

Sarah Seale is the CEO of Seale and Garland Consulting and one of four managing partners of Cannabis Global Consultants, Inc., both based in Canada. As a business strategist with over 15 years of experience on the international market and five years of exclusive expertise in the cannabis sector, she assists businesses and international governments with navigating the unique challenges of the industry.

Kieley Beaudry

Kieley Beaudry is the Chief Executive Officer of Parkland Flower and the President of the Alberta Cannabis Micro License Association.

Dr. Lakisha Jenkins

Dr. Lakisha Jenkins is a Traditional Naturopath, registered master herbalist and teacher of endogenous cannabinoid system education. Dr. Jenkins became a Founding Board Member and first elected President of the California Cannabis Industry Association in 2012 and served on the National Cannabis Industry Association Board (2013-2015) as the California State Representative and the founding Chair of their Minority Business Council.

Ulla Haaning Singapuri

Ulla serve as Chief Strategy Officer at KannaSwiss. Ulla has a background in consumer marketing from The Coca-Cola Company, product strategy from Jabra and compassionate use medicines, this provides a solid foundation for navigating commercial and regulatory challenges in the international cannabis space. Previously Ulla was Head of Business Development at Endoca BV, the CBD brand with the largest international footprint to date.

Jennifer Mason

In 2019, Jennifer developed and hosted two inaugural events in the cannabis space; the first annual New Heights Cannabis Marketing Summit and Tourism Summit in Toronto and Collingwood respectively. Jennifer has worked with many major brands and launched campaigns seen by millions of people over her 20 year+ career, including Coca-Cola, Coors Light, Ontario Tourism, CIBC, Subway, and Nestlé.

Ivy Zmuda

Ivy Zmuda is the Vice President of Regulatory Affairs for Tantalus Labs, a licensed producer of cannabis located in Maple Ridge. She oversees regulatory compliance across the enterprise, as well as advises the rest of the executive leadership team on challenges and opportunities in the ever-changing regulatory landscape. She’s also a freelance journalist, content creator, and Twitch streamer. 

Rosy Mondin

Ms. Mondin is the founder of the Cannabis Trade Alliance of Canada (CTAC) and currently serves as special advisor to the Association of Canadian Cannabis Retailers (ACCRES).

In 2016, Ms. Mondin participated in consultations with the federal Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation and at the Senate Standing Committee to provide input on the Cannabis Act. Rosy also founded Soma Labs Scientific which amalgamated to form Quadron Cannatech Corporation. Quadron listed with the CSE in January 2017, making her the world’s first female founder CEO of a publicly traded cannabis company.

Currently Rosy is CEO of World-Class Extractions after the merger with Quadron. 

Lisa Harun

Lisa Harun is Chief Marketing Officer of GS Holistics. Lisa is an investor, advisor, tech lover, and the driving force behind brands spanning fashion, advocacy, and medtech. Lisa is also the co-founder of Vapium, a medical cannabis hardware company and has been featured in the Top 100 Women in Cannabis.

Charlotte Bowyer

Charlotte is a Senior Consultant at Hanway Associates, where she helps clients from multinationals to startups understand, enter, build and grow businesses across Europe’s cannabis industries. 
Originally from the UK with a background in public policy, TV production and government communications, Charlotte moved to Vancouver in 2018 to see bears and experience Canadian legalization first-hand. 

Blaine Pearson

As Founder and CEO of award-winning, independent creative company, Dot Dot Dash, Blaine is responsible for producing content for tomorrow’s best brands including Patagonia, NASA, Greenpeace, Canada Post and Oceana.

In late 2017, Blaine helped to co-found Business of Cannabis a media platform focused on building and legitimizing the global cannabis sector through news and events. She is also co-founder of the recently launched Report on Psychedelics which is the leading source of independent data and intelligence for the emerging psychedelics industry.

Ashleigh Brown

Ashleigh Brown is the founder and CEO of SheCann Cannabis, the country’s largest and most engaged digital network of medical cannabis patients. As a patient herself, she works alongside stakeholders, industry members and regulators to provide a patient-centric view of the medical cannabis system. Ashleigh has been named Canada’s top cannabis educator twice since the groups’ inception in 2017. SheCann was recently voted Canada’s favourite advocacy group: an honour that Ashleigh says belongs to the over 9,000 members and followers that make it such an important resource for patients.

Jamie Pearson

Jamie Pearson is the President & CEO of Bhang Inc. [CSE:BHNG OTCQX: BHNGf]. A rare, second- generation cannabis executive, she has decades of experience in global operations, deal structuring and negotiation as a former real-estate investor and executive. Fluent in German and English, Jamie is responsible for global operational and distribution roll-out across market sectors. Twice named one of the most influential women in Cannabis, her expertise, experience, and deep industry relationships elevate Bhang and the industry on multiple levels. In 2019, Jamie was selected from over 7,500 nominees as a High Times Female 50 Honoree.

John Fowler

John is a cannabis entrepreneur with over a decade of industry experience. John began his cannabis career as a cannabis activist and his passion for cannabis led him to pursue a career in law.  In 2013, John left his legal practice to pursue his passion for cannabis: founding 7ACRES. John was also an active board member and Vice-Chair of The Cannabis Council of Canada, the national cannabis trade association. In 2020 John founded Blaise Ventures, a full-service consulting firm dedicated to helping entrepreneurs succeed in the cannabis space.

Jo Vos

Jo Vos is a marketing executive with expertise in global brand marketing development, content strategy and integrated communications. Most recently, she was the Managing Director at Leafly, the world’s leading technology platform that helps people discover and buy legal cannabis.

In 2018, Jo launched Leafly Canada and built a team who was focused on the expansion of Leafly’s platform, supporting the awareness, accessibility and innovation of the legal market. Under her leadership, Leafly.ca became Canada’s fastest growing cannabis information resource, with more than 14 million annual users.

Katy Ibsen

Katy Ibsen is the founder and editor of SWEET JANE a print and online magazine about cannabis, women, and motherhood. The magazine’s mission is to empower readers through cannabis education, health, well-being, and society. Ibsen is based in the midwest where she advocates for greater cannabis legalization and protection of parents.

Laura Curry Cloney

Laura Curry Cloney has been growing, learning and working with cannabis since moving to Amsterdam in 1998. Her passion for using cannabis as a viable solution to our planets social and environmental problems grew stronger and was lead to write The Hemp Higher Project, which was a finalist for Social Entrepreneurs Ireland. Copies of The Hemp Higher Project were sent to all political parties in Ireland and Laura presented her work to the Green Party Of Ireland in August 2019.Currently Laura is collaborating with blyssful ALCHEMY and  Canaboil Hemp Farm.  

Mary Dimou

Mary Dimou has been engaged within the innovation ecosystem for a decade working closely with investors, industry, and academia. Her areas of focus cover a broad range of disciplines within the life sciences and agriculture fields including human health, animal health, biotechnology, and plant sciences.

As an entrepreneur, Mary exited a machine-learning technology in the agri-technologies sector, AgRegKit. The patent-pending technology was awarded a Premier’s-Award For Agri-Food Innovation Excellence in 2017.


Natasha Raey

 A serial entrepreneur and philanthropist, Natasha Raey’s primary work focuses include: healthcare, women’s empowerment, fashion, and medical marijuana.  Natasha’s current ventures include a cannabis women’s intimacy line, and a brain-boosting wellness products company.  She is currently in the process of opening Skye Cannabis, a retail cannabis boutique in West Kelowna. 

In 2017, she opened Cadence Health Centre, a team based multi-disciplinary health centre and compounding pharmacy in downtown Toronto that was sold to a private group in 2020.

Jas Thomas

Jas Thomas is the Founder and CEO of Ohana CBD. Her journey of discovering the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle started when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2015. Since then, she has controlled her symptoms through diet, CBD and a well-balanced lifestyle. Ohana Jas’ way of sharing the benefits of CBD with others.

Maya Glogowski

Maya Glogowski is a business development executive and partner in Headquarters and SERVE, helping companies in the cannabis industry achieve growth and enter new markets. She started her career in cannabis as Co-Founder of an Israeli-based startup developing smart devices for cannabis consumers. Maya is passionate about promoting Women’s participation in the cannabis industry and is currently serving as a strategic advisor to WomenCanCann (GCWS)– Israel’s only women’s cannabis network.

Jen Meyers

Jen Meyers (BFA, MOM) is leading the development of Canada’s first cannabis-infused sugar edible product. For over two decades, Jen has been a recognized artist and international teacher specializing in glassblowing. Jen has transitioned her career and passion for creating and manifesting into the cannabis industry. Today, Jen is a trailblazer and innovator advancing the Canadian cannabis edibles market through her development of high-quality product options for health and wellness consumers. Jen is a strong advocate for cannabis education, research, community, and product development. 

Avital Bayer

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