2021 Speakers

Together, with a team of industry experts we’re building an impactful conference and networking event. The WWC Conference team is grateful to our Speakers for sharing their experiences and expertise.

  #WWCConference Presented By:

Trina Fraser

Cannabis lawyer. CannaLaw® group leader at BSL. tfraser@BrazeauSeller.com.

Barinder Rasode

Founder NICHE Canada, SheTalks & @botaniqmag. Co-Founder @cannabiswise. Co-Founder & CEO @growtechlabs. Fraser Health Board of Directors. 

Dr. Jenna Valleriani

Director, Patient Advocacy at Canopy Growth Corporation

Kayla Mann

CA, CPA. CFO at Habitat, a company revolutionizing agriculture with an innovative approach to vertical growing and aquaponics. 

Nora Nathoo

Marketing Specialist at Emerald Heath and co-founder at Louder Together: Connecting People of Colour in the Cannabis Industry. 

Sarah Clowater

Cannabis Consultant with a passion for people and connecting attendees through authentic and multi-sensory experiences.

Kamya Buch

Kamya Buch

Kamya is travel blogger focused on the areas of healing, spirituality and personal growth. She founded Psychedelic Society India in 2019 and graduated with a MSc. in Economics from the University of Warwick in 2015. 

Laura Curry Cloney headshot

Laura Curry Cloney

Laura Curry Cloney has worked with cannabis since 1998, leading her to write The Hemp Higher Project, a finalist for Social Entrepreneurs Ireland.

Bridget Hoffer

Bridget is the co-founder and President of Marigold PR. Bridget was previously the head of communications for CBC. As a media executive, Bridget lead Canada’s news, radio and television brand, marketing and communications

Danielle Mckay headshot marigold pr

Danielle McKay

Danielle is Marigold’s Trade Marketing and PR Executive & WWC Conference Event Lead. Danielle effectively manages the execution of events, media relations and digital communications for Marigold PR, Canndora & WWC Conference.

Loretta Eldridge

Loretta is the Marketing Leader at EQUA Specialty Risk Partners Corporation. The former Director of Marketing at Ample Organics, Loretta bring extensive marketing experience from a decade-long career in book publishing. She specializes in storytelling, brand building, and results-driven marketing campaigns.  

Katie Pringle

Katie is the co-founder of Marigold PR and the CEO of Canndora. Katie has spent the last 16 years working on brands that target women including working with Oprah, national charities and cannabis brands. Katie has a passion for the positive impact cannabis has made for women’s health.

Tijen Yalchin and Ashley Short

Tijen Yalchin and Ashley Short are the Co-Founders of Earth Kisses Sky Inc. An Ontario-based cannabis wellness brand. They are experts in developing plant based products. At EKS they are launching two innovative cannabis topical products; RISE and SHINE.

Salimeh Tabrizi

Clinical counsellor & plant medicine advocate. She’s the founder of the Cannabis Hemp Conference & Expo, a founding member of the Canadian Psychedelic Association, & part of the Decriminalize Nature Canada team.

Ivy Astrix

Ivy Astrix is a Regulatory Affairs expert. She’s also a freelance journalist, content creator, and Twitch streamer. 

Samantha Montanaro

Samantha Montanaro, CEO & Co-Founder of Tokeativity is an entrepreneur, activist, artist, musician, and thought leader who is passionate about bringing the community together within the cannabis & psychedelics industry.

ulla haaning singapuri headshot

Ulla Haaning Singapuri

Chief Strategy Officer at KannaSwiss, Ulla has previous experience with The Coca-Cola Company and was Head of Business Development at Endoca BV.

kieley beaudry headshot

Kieley Beaudry

Kieley Beaudry is the founder & CEO of Alberta-based micro-cultivator Parkland Flower and President of the Alberta Cannabis Micro License Association 

s siobhan mccarthy headshot

Siobhan McCarthy

Siobhan McCarthy is a Product Specialist, Formulator, Plant Medicine Educator and the CEO of blyssful ALCHEMY.

Maya Glogowski

Maya Glogowski is a business development executive and partner in Headquarters and SERVE  and is currently serving as a strategic advisor to WomenCanCann (GCWS)– Israel’s only women’s cannabis network.

alison mcmahon cannabis at work headshot

Alison McMahon

Alison McMahon is the Founder & CEO of Cannabis At Work. Founded in 2015, Cannabis at Work is the leading source for cannabis jobs, recruitment services, and salary data.

Necole Hines-Fade Living CEO

Necole Hines

Necole Hines is the CEO of Faded Living. She is a cannabis chef, educator & advocate who loves to add cannabis to her life. Her relationship with cannabis  shifted 6 years ago to include medical use for pain management due to a car accident.

Pamela Kyskow- Professor

Dr. Pamela Krsykow

Dr. Pamela Kryskow is a medical doctor with a strong interest in chronic pain, mental health, & psychedelic medicine. She is one of the founding board members of the Canadian Psychedelic Association. 
Priya Hempvati_ Hempvati

Priya Mishra

Since 2015, India has legalized 8 states for medical cannabis cultivation as industrial hemp including export licenses. Priya & her team at Hempvati has been active with patients, farmers and authorities for the last 5 years.

Alison Gordon headshot

Alison Gordon

Alison Gordon is the Former CEO & Founder of of 48Nrth Cannabis Corp. & the Co-Founder of Other People’s Pot.

Ashleigh Brown_Founder &  CEO SheCann Cannabis inc

Ashleigh Brown

Founder & CEO of SheCann Cannabis Inc.

Ashley Keenan_ Journalist & Communications Specialist

Ashley Keenan

Ashley Keenan is a Freelance Journalist, consultant, and patient advocate in the cannabis industry. Ashley uses science and storytelling to normalize cannabis and chrnic illness, both at work and on her personal blog, Ask CannaQueen.

Charlotte Bowyer

Head Of Consulting at Hanway Associates.

Heather Schurr_CFN Media Group

Heather Schurr

Heather Schurr is the Director of Operations CFN Media Group. Heather‘s strategic direction helps public companies to increase their shareholder base, private companies to attract capital and publicity, and for companies going public soon, a successful IPO/RTO.

JagpaulDeol_UBC Assistant Prof

Jagpaul Deol

Jagpaul Deol is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Clinical Pharmacist. Jagpaul is an Assistant Professor at UBC incorporating both Psychedelics and Cannabis Therapeutics content.

Theresa Robert_Board_Mariwell

Theresa Robert

Theresa Robert is the Chair of the Board, Mariwell. Theresa brings more than 34 years of experience & is excited to apply her expertise to the ever-changing cannabis industry.
Dr. Toni Rinow _ CFGO

Dr. Toni Rinow

Dr. Toni Rinow is the Chief Financial & Global Operating Officer at Neptune Wellness Solutions. She is well-known for accelerating revenue streams through acquisitions, corporate development, sales and marketing, and financings in the global healthcare and consumer product markets.

Myrna Gillis_ CEO_Aqualitas

Myrna Gillis

Myrna Gillis is the CEO and Co-founder of Aqualitas. Myrna is a disabilities advocate, and practiced law in the vulnerable service sector for 25 years.

Jessica Steinburg_Co-Founder entOURage Network

Jessica Steinberg

Jessica Steinberg is the Co-Founder, entOURage Network. She is a Law PhD candidate at the University of Oxford and will be the university’s first exploring legal cannabis market & its economics.

sabrina ramkellawan headshot

Sabrina Ramkellawan

Sabrina Ramkellawan is the Chief Operations Officer/Co-Founder of Knowde Group Inc. and President, Clinical Research Association of Canada.
Jas Thomas_ Founder OhanaCBD

Jasmin Thomas

Jasmin Thomas is the Founder of OhanaCBD. Ohana products are 100% natural. Jasmin was diagnosed with MS in 2015.  She started using medical cannabis to alleviate various frustrating symptoms of her condition. Her medical journey led to her professional one, which now allows her to pursue her passions.

Shannon Smadella_ WPD

Rev. Shannon Lynn Smadella

Shannon Smadella is the Spokesperson & Business Advisor for World Psychedelics Day. She is the former host of examining the Psychedelic Renaissance with MAPS.

ann barnes headshot

Ann Barnes

Ann Barnes is the CEO of Edica Naturals.

Amanda Siebert_ Journalist

Amanda Siebert

Amanda Siebert is an author and freelance multimedia journalist focusing on the intersections of business and culture in the cannabis and psychedelics industries. She’s the author of “The Little Book of Cannabis” and the soon to be published “The Little Book of Psychedelics”.
Irie Selkirk_ Founder of Rise Wellness

Irie Selkirk

Irie Selkirk is the founder of Rise Wellness, and is a social entrepreneur in the natural medicine and psychedelics industries.

Katie Miller

Katie Miller

Katie Miller, Sales & Business Development Manager of Flow Scientific. 

President_JLM Strategic marketing

Jennifer Mason

President of JLM Strategic Marketing and the founder of the New Heights Cannabis Tourism Summit.

Sarah Hashkes Headshot

Sarah Hashkes

Sarah Hashkes is the CEO of Radix Motion, a tech company empowering the psychedelic ecosystem with embodied technology.

Jordan Wagman

Jordan Wagman is a Chef, bestselling author, philanthropist and Psoriasis and mental health advocate and host of “In the Weeds” podcast.

Kyra Reed_Founder WEiC

Kyra Reed

Kyra Reed is the Founder of Women Empowered In Cannabis (WEiC)

Lana paraskevopoulous

Lana Paraskevopoulous

Lana Paraskevopoulous is a leader within the cannabis industry working as a General Manager of one of Torontos premiere independent retail shops, Canvas Cannabis.

Rebecca Martinez_Headshot_Cofounder

Rebecca Martinez

Rebecca Martinez is the Co-Founder of Fruiting Bodies Collective. She is a Portland-based author, educator and community organizer focused on intergenerational healing, drug policy reform and reshaping narratives through compassionate storytelling. 
Elan Hagens_Fruiting bodies

Elan Hagens

Elan Hagens is the Co-Founder of Fruiting Bodies. She is a Port-land based entrepreneur and outdoor educator focused on foraging, wildcrafting and food justice. She is the owner of Temptress Truffles, a gourmet mushroom company.

Stacey Wallin-Co-Founder_Numinus Wellness

Stacey Wallin

Stacey Wallin is the Chief Strategu Officer & Co-Founder of Numinus Wellness, a company that empowers peoploe to heal and be well through the development and delivery of innovative mental health care and access to safe, evidence-based psychedelic-assisted therapies.

vivianne wilson

Vivianne Wilson

Vivianne Wilson, founder of GreenPort. She is the first woman of color to run an independent federally licensed cannabis company and cannabis retail store in Canada. Vivianne is proud to bring her Jamaican culture to Canadian cannabis, using the plant as a vehicle to unite communities. 

klea vrapi budtenders association

Klea Vrapi

Klea Vrapi is part of the founding team at Budtenders Association. She has dedicated her efforts to build a strong community where Budtenders are recognized as researchers and tastemakers. 
Keiko Beatie_ Director of Education

Keiko Beatie

Keiko Beatie is the Director of Education & Outreach Coral CoveWellness Resort. All all inclusive cannabis and psychedelic educational resort on the oceanfront of the crystal blue waters of Jamaica. She has been a practitioner of Ayureva, Chinese, and Holistic Medicine since the 1970s. 

Laura Eder vantage hemp

Laura Eder

Laura Eder is the Director of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance for Vantage Hemp. She has more than 17 years of experience in the life-cycle management of pharmaceuticals and medical devices with her Regulatory Affairs Certificate (RAC) since 2012.

Roxanne De Guzman_Operations Spa

Roxanne de Guzman

Roxanne de Guzman is the Operations Spa & Leisure Consultant Wellness Meets Luxury.

Melissa stangl

Melissa Stangl

Melissa Stangl spent years working in scientific labs and corporate offices, In 2015, she  chose to move and work in the Amazon jungle. Melissa has since used her background in engineering, science, and management to help advance the plant medicine and psychedelic movements. 
Samantha Tabone

Samantha Tabone

Samantha Tabone, is the  Vice President of Research and Development at PurMinds Biopharma. Samantha is part of a team leading investigations seeking to provide breakthrough solutions for devastating neurological diseases. 

Mark Finkelstein

Mark Finkelstein

Mark Finkelstein is the Vice President of Sales at Cannasupplies, the leading supplier of compliant packaging and ancillary supplies products for the Cannabis sector.  


Windy Borman

Windy Borman

Windy Borman, MS is a multi-award-winning director and producer, as well the founder of DVA Productions, a socially conscious production company. She is currently the Executive Producer and Director of the groundbreaking documentary, “Mary Janes: The Women of Weed”. 

Pawel Kruba

 Pawel Kruba

Pawel Kruba, combined his passion as a cannabis user with his knowledge in supply chain and logistics from the automotive sector, 3 years ago. Working in business development at Peak Processing Solutions. He uses his experience to help customers develop exciting and innovative product ideas into Health Canada-compliant finished goods sold across Canada. 
Susan Chapelle

Susan Chapelle

Susan Chapelle is the Chief Operating Officer at PurMinds BioPharma, pursuing breakthrough solutions for devastating neurological & psychiatric diseases with a special emphasis on neurodegenerative pathologies involving dementia.

Christine Smith Headshot

Christine Smith

Christine Smith is a business leader with expertise in building and leading high-performing marketing, brand activation & strategic plays. Christine is currently the National Manager of Marketing & Strategy at Spiritleaf – Canada’s largest Cannabis retailer with 90 stores, $100M+ in annual sales in 2020, and millions of customers. A

Ashey Newman

Ashley Newman

Ashley Newman, founded Queen of Bud, one of the first recreational cannabis retailers to open in Alberta, post-legalization. In late 2020, she grew her impact by releasing a product line through Queen of Bud Cannabis. The Queen of Bud brand was created to be unique and elegant, in turn shifting how people perceive cannabis and its consumers.


Hanifa Nayo Washington

Hanifa Nayo Washington is an award winning cultural producer & sacred activist combining arts, healing, and activism to make the world a better place for 20+ years.  Hanifa is a co-founder of Fireside Project and serves as the Cultivator Of Beloved Community. 

Janet Qi

Janet Qi

Janet Qi, Co-Founder, Chair & CEO of PurMinds Biopharma Inc. A serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of corporate banking and strategic management background, Janet’s vision for PurMinds in pursuing breakthrough solutions for devastating neurological and psychiatric diseases is founded on her passion for creating change through innovation and scientific rigor. 


Carole Chan

Carole Chan is the Chief Commercial and People Officer at VIVO Cannabis Inc, leading the external and internal experiences of valued customers, patients, and employees. Carole has spent her career changing perceptions to reduce stigma and advocate for patients, working on often misunderstood brands and categories including Viagra®, Botox®, breast implants and cannabis. 


Naveen Islam

Naveen Islam

Naveen Islam is a communications and marketing professional within the Canadian cannabis space. With combined experience from both LP’s and agencies, she is an expert in compliant marketing and advertising in cannabis. With a focus on digital marketing, Naveen continues to advocate for cannabis by executing and optimizing efficient campaigns for LP’s, brands and retailers.

Clara Sativa

Clara Sativa

Clara Sativa is an independent journalist, filmmaker and Human Rights activist. Co-creator of CANNABICAS documentary, the first collective documentary of Cannabis Women of the World. Co-founder of Mujeres Cannábicas of Spain, REMA Red Estatal de Mujeres Antiprohibicionistas and Marihuana Televisión.

Natasja Pelgrom

Natasja Pelgrom is a sacred medicine woman, mystic, devotional creative and visionary who leads spiritual alchemy journeys, providing a compassionate space for healing and remembering. She recently launched her podcast, The Awaken Podcast where she dives deep into topics around sacred plant medicines, wisdom traditions, ascension, science, and day to day personal development practices.

Zoe Helene Cosmic Sister

Zoe Helene

Cultural activist Zoe Helene founded the environmental feminist collective Cosmic Sister and originated Psychedelic Feminism. Cosmic Sister’s advocacy projects lift women’s voices in the male-dominated field of psychedelics. Psychedelic Feminism is a sub-genre of feminism that embraces sacred psychedelic plants and fungi—our co-evolutionary allies—for healing, empowerment, and self-liberation. Zoe has been featured in Forbes, BBC, VICE, BUST, Outside Magazine, and many other top-tier media venues.


raven marie

Raven Marie

Raven Marie is the Creator of “Reflections Of The Divine”; a holistic services platform that focuses on self mastery, soul reunionfication, emotional intelligence, energetic alignment and Iboga integration support. She is also the creator of the 6 week programs “Project Happiness” and “Soul Sessions” which were both inspired by the teachings and wisdoms gained through her experiences working with the Sacred plant medicine Iboga and the Bwiti tradition. 

Jac reed headshot

Jac Reed

Jac is a strategist with a diverse history in marketing brands from supplements to topical remedies and has spent the past two years immersing herself in the Canadian cannabis market. Her combined work experience and personal passion for health and wellness has culminated in her contribution to the launch of Lumina. She is a certified yoga instructor, spent some time as a herbalist apprentice and had all her kids at home.
Candice Hutchings

Candice Hutchings

Candice, the face of “The Edgy Veg”, is on a journey to revolutionize how we think about food, eco-conscious living, and feminism. Author of the cookbook, ”The Edgy Veg: 138 Carnivore-Approved Vegan Recipes”, Candice delivers vegan recipes with attitude and comedy.  Candice is a long -time advocate of Cannabis, aiming to empower and educate women who use and are new to cannabis as a method for wellness, mental health and self care.

Aniya Jacob Headshot

Aniya Jacob

Aniya is Village employee number 1, and has been a budtender at Village since 2015.  She brings a wealth of knowledge on consumer needs and cannabis benefits, and great perspective on what makes quality cannabis. Aniya has a unique ability to associate everyday aromas with cannabis strains.


Jeremy Jacob Headshot

Jeremy Jacob

Jeremy Co-founded Village Bloomery in 2015, and has experienced firsthand the transition from the Legacy market to the regulated market. Village became known for its focus on cannabis as a tool for health and wellness, on small batch organic cannabis, and for its work on de-stigamtization and advocacy.   

Bethany dempsey Headshot

Bethany Dempsey

Bethany specializes in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Psychotherapy, Solution-Focused Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment. She is currently a clinic therapist/social worker at Harvest Medicine which is a network of health clinics owned by VIVO Cannabis. She has dedicated over 18 years working with people who are seeking individual and group therapy for mental health issues.

Parveen Singh Headshot

Parveen Singh

As Marigold’s Account Executive, Parveen supports the development and execution of client brand, marketing, and communication strategies. With extensive cannabis and psychedelics experience, Parveen enjoys the variety and learning involved in public relations. She likes to focus on working collaboratively with teams to deliver results that help brands tell their story and engage with consumers.

Antuanette Gomez

Antuanette Gomez

Antuanette is an International Speaker and Cannabis Business Maven. She is the Founder + CEO of Pleasure Peaks, a Cannabinoid Sexual Health Company. She is also the Director of Canada at M4MM . And mentors many startups in the emerging cannabis industry globally within the legal framework through her business accelerator, the Green Rush Program. Her passion and love for uplifting entrepreneurs shows in her everyday life.


dr Erica Zelfand

Dr. Erica Zelfand

Bridging the gap between conventional and natural medicine, Erica Zelfand, ND is a family physician specializing in mental health. She is also a psychedelic therapist, medical writer, educator, and the mastermind behind The Science of Psychedelics, an accredited online course in psychedelic medicine. Her favourite things include hammocks, snacks, group hugs, and sock hops. https://DrZelfand.com

Juliana Mulligan headshot

Juliana Mulligan

Juliana Mulligan runs Inner Vision Ibogaine, supporting people in preparation for, and in integration after, treatment. She is also the Psychedelic Program Coordinator at the Center for Optimal Living. Previously Juliana was an opioid dependent person and in 2011, with the help of Ibogaine treatment, she left opioids behind and set off on a path to transform the way drug users and their treatment is approached.

christina michael headshot

Christina Michael

With 25+ years of experience, founder, visionary, and resident serial entrepreneur Christina Michael has spent the better part of the past decade committed to co-creating purpose driven business. Over the past four years her dedication to the cannabis industry has evolved into leading a diverse group of collaborators equally ready to make a difference in plant-forward industries.

Robin Banister

Robin Banister

Robin Banister is a bilingual psychotherapist and holds a Masters-level degree in Existential-Integrative Psychotherapy. Her professional life is divided amongst private practice in Toronto and as a ketamine-assisted psychotherapist at Field Trip Health working with folks with treatment-resistant depression and PTSD.

dr Erica Zelfand

Olga Chernoloz

Olga Chernoloz is the Chief Scientific Officer, Wake Network.

barb v

Barb Vermeulen

Barb Vermeulen is the Director of Harvest Medicine, VIVO; taking HMED into this new medical cammanos landscape with a focus on scientific research, patient outreach, and as always, a mandate of education, compassion, and accessibility for individuals seeking cannabis as medicine.


Ika Washington

Ika is the Founder of DiversityTalk, a platform to engage and educate the public about minority health and alternative treatments through culturally competent education, events, and policy research. Ika has been working to shape new conversations about minority healthcare and social equity in cannabis.   

Stephanie _Metiz

Stephanie Meitz

Stephanie Meitz is the CEO & Co-founder of Green Team Solutions, the first legally licensed cannabis harvesting and trimming company in Canada; Executive Recruitment Consultant at Kantoka Technologies Inc; and Delegate for the Matriarch of Smum’iem.


Sister Sophia

Sister Sophia works side-by-side with her people to tend to the growing number of boutique stores around the world showcasing the Sisters’ CBD products. Sister Sophia and her team are focused on getting the most amount of medicine to the most amount of people, while creating a blueprint and process to onboard other enclaves interested in following the tenets and customs of the Sisterhood.


Rachael Carlevale

Rachael Carlevale is the Founder and Director of the Ganjasana Plant Medicine School where she facilitates courses on comprehensive cannabis education, ceremonies, and training programs through the practices of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. 


Sami Micelli

Sami Micelli is a global community curator and activator. A Chartered Human Resources Professional; she founded eco and conscious brand THeCo. with a mission to elevate H.E.R. (Health • Education • Research). Latina Canadian Cannapreneur and Psychonaut Student by day, DJ Hummz Witt by night! Cannabis and Psilocybin Cubensis are her medicine, connecting people, bridge-building, and growing brands is her motivation. Music is her soul! #THeDJCo.  


Sister Kate

Sister Kate saw the need to share this safe, non-addictive and non-psychoactive formulation of the medicine with more people who needed it. And thus, alongside her goals to help more women and patients, the Sisters of The Valley was born. During the Harvest Moon of 2014, Sister Kate developed their first line of products.

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