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Together, with a team of industry experts we’re building an impactful conference and networking event. The WWC Conference team is grateful to our Advisory Committee for their support and insight. 

There is always room for more support, and sub-committees can be formed. Please reach out if you want to collaborate.

Advisory Committee

Trina Fraser

Cannabis lawyer and CannaLaw® group leader at Brazeau Seller Law. 

Andrea Dobbs

Co-Founder of The Village Bloomery, with a lens focused on womxn’s health.

Dr. Jenna Valleriani

Director, Global Patient Advocacy at Canopy Growth Corporation

Mimi Lam

CEO and co-founder of cannabis retailer and lifestyle company, Superette.

Barinder Rasode

Founder NICHE Canada, SheTalks & @botaniqmag. Co-Founder @cannabiswise. Co-Founder & CEO @growtechlabs. Fraser Health Board of Directors. Elected City Council.

Kayla Mann

CA, CPA. CFO at Habitat, a company revolutionizing agriculture with an innovative approach to vertical growing and aquaponics. 

Gill Polard

Cannabis advocate and founder of cannabis lifestyle website, podcast and publication The Her(B) Life. 

Ivy Astrix

Vice President of Regulatory Affairs for Tantalus Labs, overseeing regulatory compliance across the enterprise.


Nora Nathoo

Marketing Specialist at Emerald Heath & co-founder at Louder Together: Connecting People of Colour in the Cannabis Industry. 

Sarah Clowater

Cannabis Consultant with a passion for people and connecting attendees through authentic and multi-sensory experiences.

Loretta Eldridge

Marketing Leader at EQUA Specialty Risk Partners Corporation specializing in storytelling, brand building, and results-driven marketing campaigns.  

Salimeh Tabrizi

Clinical counsellor & plant medicine advocate. She’s the founder of the Cannabis Hemp Conference & Expo, a founding member of the Canadian Psychedelic Association, & part of the Decriminalize Nature Canada team.

Ulla Haaning Singapuri

Chief Strategy Officer at KannaSwiss, Ulla has previous experience with The Coca-Cola Company and was Head of Business Development at Endoca BV.

Emma Chasen

Brown University graduate with a specialized Biology degree in Medicinal Plant Research. Formerly the Director Of Education at Farma, Emma now co-owns and operates Eminent Consulting.

#WWCConference Management Team

Katie Pringle,

Co-Founder + Speaker

Katie is the co-founder and CEO of Marigold PR and Canndora. Katie has spent the last 17 years working on brands that target women including working with Oprah, national charities and cannabis brands. Katie has a passion for the positive impact cannabis has made for women’s health.

Bridget Hoffer,

Co-Founder + Speaker

Bridget is the co-founder and President of Marigold PR. Bridget was previously the head of communications for CBC. As a media executive, Bridget lead Canada’s news, radio and television brand, marketing and communications.

Tracy Collier,

Partnership Lead

As a Senior PR Account Manager at Marigold PR and Canndora, Tracy has worked on brands across North America driving media coverage, community and brand engagement in the cannabis space.

Danielle McKay,

Event Lead

Trade Marketing & PR Executive

Danielle is Marigold’s Trade Marketing and PR Executive and effectively manages the execution of events, media relations and digital communications.

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