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Detonate Cannabis Agency
Detonate Cannabis Agency is the leading supplier of print collateral, trade show builds and packaging & labelling for Canada’s licensed producers.

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CFN Media Group
CFN Media (CannabisFN), the leading creative agency and media network dedicated to legal cannabis, helps marijuana businesses attract investors, customers (B2B, B2C), capital, and media visibility. Private and public marijuana companies and brands in the US and Canada rely on CFN Media to grow and succeed.

CannabisNewsWire (CNW) is a specialized information service that aggregates cannabis news, provides CannabisNewsBreaks that quickly updates investors in the space, enhances corporate press releases, helps companies with distribution and optimization of social media, and delivers comprehensive corporate communication solutions. CNW is uniquely positioned in the cannabis market with a strong team of journalists and writers who can help private and public companies reach a wide audience of investors, consumers, journalists and the general public through our ever-growing dissemination network of more than 5,000 key syndication outlets. 

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Mimi Cannabis
Cannabis Consulting & Education

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Root Creative
Root Creative was founded in 2019 to serve the cannabis industry and complementary markets. Root Creative is positioned to build purposeful brands by connecting with audiences through impactful content and mindful media. Their motto is to stay “consciously curious”. They’re always looking for the next opportunity to collaborate on projects that promote learning, innovation, and growth.


Media Outlets

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The Cannabis Marketer
The Cannabis Marketer is the first Canadian resource hub to share the latest marketing and advertising news from the Canadian cannabis industry on a daily basis. The website and email newsletter provide marketers with a daily dose of inspiration, highlighting creativity and opportunities within the industry.

cannabis prospect magazine

Cannabis Prospect Magazine
Cannabis Prospect Magazine is Canada’s premier trade publication for cannabis industry professionals. With six issues to be printed and distributed nationally, Cannabis Prospect Magazine will showcase the people and companies forging this new industry with articles written by industry experts and advisors that make up this new and dynamic marketplace. If you’re currently working in the cannabis industry be sure to request your free subscription by clicking the following link 

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Grow Opportunity
Grow Opportunity is a multimedia platform delivering relevant content to the Canadian cannabis industry. The premier resource for the cannabis enterprise, Grow Opportunity is available online and on print, delivered to industry investors, C-level executives, managers and staff at licensed producers across Canada, as well as decision-makers involved in all aspects of cannabis production: cultivation, harvesting, curing, extraction, packaging and marketing.

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The Rise
Whether you’re looking to Get Smart about this exciting new sector, Get Compliant with its abundant rules and regulations, or Get Scale without going broke, The Rise can oblige.

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Canndora connects, activates and celebrates women in cannabis.

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The Her(B) Life
The Her(B) Life creates content within the cannabis space. Their focus is on celebrating the feminine cannabis experience while promoting inclusivity, diversity and amplifying the marketing messages of our partners.

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Kantoka provides consumers with a reliable platform to learn and explore the ever-evolving cannabis industry. Their journey of learning and self-education has become the basis for building a platform that educates and informs fellow cannabis enthusiasts and curiosos.

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Cannabis Retailer
Cannabis Retailer helps store owners set up and run a legal recreational cannabis business. As a new retail sector, store owners have a lot of questions about the industry and Cannabis Retailer is an important resource providing articles on topics ranging from human resources to operations and marketing.

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Cannabis Canada Buzz
A look at the evolving cannabis culture including lifestyle, interviews, stories, products and more! Be part of the buzz!

Brands & Retailers

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Founded by those who don’t fit the traditional image, Shatterizer is an online platform and community dedicated to presenting the leading devices and technology for vaporizing … and that’s why we invented the Shatterizer! 

cori logo and tag line wonder in

Cori’s obsessed with empowering you with the best products and tips on your wellness journey.

Organizations & Communities

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Alpha Woman
Alpha Woman is a multi-platform network of diverse women leaders who are talented, brave, resilient, dedicated and deeply connected to uplifting women who are redefining the way we think of leadership.

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Grow Sisters
Learning proper advanced outdoor growing techniques from the best of the best can help propel your growing op in many ways. Grow Sisters provide you with fully reliable and trusted master grower tips and advanced outdoor growing techniques, among various other services. Proper home grow implementation and execution can be a tricky and sometimes even frustrating task to undertake, which is why one of the areas of our business we spend a lot of focus on. We want to make your process as seamless and pleasant as possible. This is why we are so universally considered to be the best of the best. From how to grow weeds from seeds, to various master grower tips and more; we’ve got you covered.

Kelsey Cannabis
Cannabis Educator and Public Speaker

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Conceived and produced by women, Symposia offers workshops for personal development, offerings of beautiful goods and holistic services that promise to elevate the weekend into a rare self-care experience. From the Living Library to the Promenade, Symposia strives to provide a unique experience in an atmosphere of unity, relaxation and collaboration.

weed mama logo

Weed Mama
At the heart of Weed Mama is reverence for this wonderful healing botanical, this plant truly is therapeutic for many people. Having fun is also therapeutic and just like sharing a bottle of wine with friends is a good time, so is sharing a bowl of cannabis. Weed Mama believes wholeheartedly in enjoying yourself in a safe way and this site aims to teach you about dosing and consumption methods, so you can feel good.

entouage logo

The entOURage Network is a platform and network for women to engage and explore opportunities in the legal cannabis market, with a particular focus on the European market. Their mission is to empower and to create a safe place for people to share ideas and exchanges.

canweedine logo

Cannabis Legalization has opened up dialogue among women ready to step out of the cannabis closet and de-stigmatize the stereotypes and tropes of a cannabis user. CanWeeDine’s Femme 420 Project aims to complete a cross Canada tour to document 420 every day women from diverse ages and backgrounds to share intimate stories of defining moments that cannabis has made in their lives. 

mothers mary logo

Mothers Mary
We believe in challenging the status quo in every aspect of motherhood. By empowering and supporting moms to be their authentic selves, and equipping them with the tools to break the molds and stigmas of society; we can create a better future for maternal mental health. As a social enterprise, we’ve committed 5% of our profits to maternal mental health initiatives for our Mombers.

SheCann Logo

SheCann is a group for Canadian Women (and those who identify as Women) who desire a place to share their journeys with medical Cannabis. The group provides a safe place for women to freely ask questions about how and why we are medicating with legal cannabis. This is a place to inquire about LP’s, clinics, regulated products and access. SheCann is committed to empowering women to take control of their lives and their  health by facilitating peer-led discussions and sharing relevant content. This community is patient-led and patient focused. It is not intended to replace medical advice, nor is it a networking community or sales site. 

femmebought logo

At it’s core: Femmebought is an online directory of women-owned businesses. Femmebought is a community that empowers more women to reach the top; a community of smart, driven and passionate advocates who take action towards levelling the playing field.  In a world where we’re urged to lean in and take our seats at the table, empowering women to succeed is not a new idea. Femmebought’s approach is not only to actively support businesses, but to inspire and empower the consumer too. 2017’s Fortune 500 list featured a “record high” of 32 women CEOs, but having a 6.4% share of the pie is simply not enough.

hiiigh vibes logo

Hiiighvibes is an online community sharing stories of managing anxiety and depression through plant medicine. Hiiighvibes wants to empower others to take their health and wellbeing into their own hands.

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Canadian Women in Cannabis—or CWIC (pronounced ‘quick’) is the channel that unites women (and women-identifying folk) involved in the cannabis/hemp industry in Canada and worldwide. Advancing the acceptance of the historically feminine nature of cannabis and for the de-stigmatization of it in the spaces we live and breathe by collaborating, sharing, and amplifying our voices. Sharing advocacy for fair, equal, and considerate cannabis laws across the great white north.

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