Free Virtual Event

Wednesday, May 27, 2020.

WWC Conference is a free, virtual event celebrating the feminine cannabis experience. 

The Womxn, Wellness & Cannabis Conference, known as WWC Conference, will bring together womxn in weed from around the world for a day of learning and collaboration.    

Celebrating the feminine cannabis experience, we will hear from brands and products focused on health and wellness, plus discuss hot industry topics like leadership, equality and marketing within the regulatory environment. We are here to celebrate and learn from innovative womxn in the cannabis space. 

We’ll provide an opportunity for networking, collaboration and learning in a fun engaging online environment. ALL ARE WELCOME.

What to expect from the #WWCConference?

An inspiring lineup of speakers

Global Reach 

Pre-Recorded, Live Chat & Live Q&A Sessions

Ample media coverage and engagement

Connect with a targeted online community

An all-inclusive, all welcome, event celebrating womxn in the space + products and brands made for womxn. 

Partnership Opportunities

Programming Overview & Hot Topics

Womxn in Leadership

Get inspired by womxn in top leadership positions. Hear from founders and CEO’s from innovative cannabis companies. 

Diversity and Inclusion

We’re creating a safe space to discuss, engage, and dig deep into the importance of diversity in the cannabis industry, plus explore personal responsibility for advancing diversity.

Cannabis & Social Good

CSR is a big and important industry topic. Let’s dive into how we can collaborate with nonprofits to create a real impact and strengthen your brand.

Reproductive Health

From endometriosis, to ongoing menstrual health to menopause, we’ll talk  brands and products coming to marketing that support reproductive health.  

Family Dynamics and Cannabis

There’s still a stigma around parenting and cannabis and mothers receive the most scrutiny. Explore family dynamics and cannabis with those who understand the challenges firsthand.

The Beauty Market

Cannabis is ruling the US beauty market and Canada is sure to follow. From joining the Press Room to custom activations, let’s bring your brand to life. 

Compliant Marketing

We’ll hear from industry experts about marketing to womxn insights and how they apply to the cannabis landscape. Plus, branding beyond gender.

Womxn in Cultivation

Cultivation is at the centre of our industry. Learn from expert growers about breaking the grass ceiling and getting started in cultivation.

Mentoring & Allyship

What does it mean to be a good ally and mentor to women in cannabis? Learn from our experts about contributing to the success of your team members and ultimately your company.

Cannabis & Tech

Cannabis and tech are a match made in startup heaven. Learn from those making an impact in our space, the best is yet to come.

Consumer & Patient Insights

Data helps make informed choices. Learn from experts and understand the current consumer and patient journey.

Retail Consumer Insights

What we consumers looking for from their cannabis retailer? Connect with experts to learn more about today’s cannabis consumer.


Free Virtual Event

Wednesday, May 27, 2020.

Partner Driven Interactive Sessions

Cooking with Cannabis

Cooking with cannabis is more than making food taste great. Dosing, decarbing and flavour pairing are all important parts of the process.

Getting Formulations to Market

Do you have a great formulation but don’t know the next steps? Learn from experts how to bring your formulation to market.

Building Your Personal Brand

Personal branding is important for anyone in any industry. This engaging workshop will inform and engage.

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